Element Easy Space Sphere Lamp Natural

Element Easy Space Sphere Lamp Natural

The Element Easy Space Sphere Natural Lamp from the Element Easy collection is an accessory to the hanging variation of the Element Easy Space Sphere Natural. It was intentionally dented during its construction, so that an organic appearance would come out. The resulting appearance is a high profile, unmistakable and exciting wonder. The two geometric shapes remain joined together into one imposing whole, which cannot be overlooked in any interior.

1. Haud-blow glass

hand-made production in the Czech Republic
clear or smoky

3. Oak wood

hand-made solid wood
colour option according to client‘s choice

5. Textile cable

Lenght 2 meters

2. Light source

quality LED sources included
warm white | 5W | 250lm

4. Aluminum socket

colour option according to client‘s choice

6. Solid base

handmade glass, the whole lamp is made
of one piece of glass

3D model

A distinctive lamp, which elevates every interior. Suitable as a stand-alone lamp or an accessory to the Space Sphere or Sphere. The Space Sphere Lamp is made from hand-blown Czech glass, which is processed only by glass masters, due to the complexity of its shape.