Element Easy Small

Element Easy Small

The Element Easy Small Lamp is a more narrow glass lamp from the Element Easy line. Hand-blown glass, an oak element, and a designer LED light source join together to form a unique lamp suitable not only for hanging independently, but also for hanging in a set of multiple pieces. Customers can choose from several color varieties for the wood and hanging elements.

1. Aluminum canopy

terminal blocks 3×0,75-1,5mm2
black matte

3. Oak wood

hand-made solid wood
colour option according to client‘s choice

5. Light source

quality LED sources included
warm white | 5W | 250lm

2. Textile cable

possibility to set lengths up to 2 meters

4. Aluminum socket

colour option according to client‘s choice

6. Hand-blow glass

hand-made production in the Czech Republic
clear or smoky

3D model

An imposing lamp, which can’t be overlooked in any interior. It is made from hand-blown Czech glass.