Drafts of Interiors

Services for private clientele

  • Proposals for layouts and furniture
  • Documentation and budgets
  • Selection of suitable colours and types of materials
  • Technology
  • Decoration and lighting
  • Customer consultation
  • Giving furniture to production and then its delivery
  • Coordination of delivery and communication with the delivery team
  • Directives for top-quality management

Additional services for the corporate sphere

  • New definitions of corporate rules
  • Respect and application of corporate rules
  • A proposal of rules for the front office and back office
  • Work environment ergonomics
  • Communication with corporate architects
  • A timeline of implementation
  • Proposal and budget for standard lighting

What you get with us

Modern materials

Glass, wood, stone, concrete. The basis is always partial construction by hand here in the Czech Republic.

Timeless design

We create products with a simple look that evokes the basic elements in our world.


Each product is processed mostly by hand. Behind every piece is a story and every story has someone who tells it.

High Quality

Quality is not a word, it is a philosophy that moves us and sets the rules. We want our products to serve for years, for many years.

How We Work

We provide you with a cohesive concept and we provide a complete service.
You will go through concrete activities with us for a 100% result.

From the rough draft to implementation

We want to grant each client a first-class service and complete care. For that reason we strive for a correct approach and sequencing of all activities in such a way that the client can know exactly what phase his activity is going into. With this we eliminate unwanted surprises and we can present an approved final result.


We always respect the client’s wishes, his requests and his rights to the useful and aesthetic value of the proposal. Realistic visual representations and virtual reality are a given.

Availability and usability

The design of the floor plan draft and the draft of the optimal layout of individual interior elements in such a way that it fits with the intended use of the building, according to the applicable standards and norms for the provided services. This includes the adjustment of the layout, if construction

modifications are made, and the design of the optimal location of individual types of furniture so as not to limit the operation and maximize the utility value of the interior (e.g. increasing the capacity of the restaurant).


Design and placement of technologies related to a specific operation. These include the location of lighting in order to meet hygiene standards, the design of air conditioning and radiators, and the location of multi-media devices or audio equipment. The other side of technology is to emphasize the overall vision of the interior. This area includes, for example,

ambient lighting on walls, LED strips behind furniture to indirectly illuminate storage spaces, special surfaces of furniture or walls (stone facades, glass facades with backlight, foil placement under the ceiling with backlight), touch and motion sensors, tip-on features for closing doors and drawers without the use of handles, etc.


Creating a designer’s vision of what the interior should look like, what emotions it should evoke in the visitor, what added value it will bring to the owner. It represents the overall visual

and dispositional concept of the interior. This includes, for example, the design of non-standard furniture, the use of non-standard materials, or standard materials in an unusual way.


We will design specific solutions for you: an intelligent home, or the control of lights and custom- made furniture. We also have an implementer available for our proposals.

An initial proposal

A document containing detailed specifications of the designed interior:

Floor plan with designed layout including location of drawers, lighting
List of materials used – wall and ceiling surfaces, colours, floors
List of used technologies – lighting, heating elements, audio equipment
List of designed furniture
List of designer decorative items, trim, etc.


Initial budget for the implementation of the interior design, including possible pricing of building modifications.


These are used for the production of non-standard furniture (custom-made furniture) or original interior elements (e.g. visual boxes with lighting, hanging walls, etc.)


Our designers are regularly on the construction site and are responsible for the smooth implementation and compliance with the implementation according to the design approved by the investor.


Creating a time schedule for the activities, communication with suppliers of all furniture, technologies and services. Closely related to this is the determination of terms and methods

of delivery of the ordered. YOURDESIGN s.r.o. is also a manufacturer and of course we pay attention to trouble-free and timely delivery.

Supervision throughout the implementation

Regular visits during implementation are used to communicate with suppliers directly during the installation of ordered elements. The purpose is that the customer does not have to check

everything himself and YOURDESIGN s.r.o. oversaw the quality of the work of craftsmen or the goods supplied.

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« Functional and modern connection of the dining room with the living area. »

Private investor

« I want to supply unusual natural materials. »

Private investor

« I appreciate the quality that will last me for many years as new. »

Private investor

« I want to indulge
in luxury. »

Private investor

I have had the honour of collaborating with YOURDESIGN s.r.o. both professionally and personally. They helped me with the design of a luxury showroom for car sales and after a good experience; I also invited them to reconstruct the lower floor and terrace of my family house. All my wishes were heard and I was happy to have them advise me. I am very satisfied with the work, and should the need arise, will renew the cooperation.

Rudolf Homolka - private client

``The YOURDESIGN s.r.o. Studio developed several interior design modifications and workspace subdivisions for the newly emerging PackRight Centre DS Smith Packaging in the Czech Republic. The fresh design and individual approach of the entire concept contributed to one of the best evaluations during the PackRight Centre audit. But the most important thing for us is how positively our customers evaluate the whole space during the on-going workshops. They feel very comfortable and relaxed here. So I can recommend the work of the studio without hesitation.``

Věra Svobodová - customer support & marketing, DS Smith Packaging

YOURDESIGN has developed and integrated all design standards for the highest-end FORD STORE. They took over all communication with the English headquarters of Ford Europe and their design proposals were positively and without comments agreed within the integration process. I can only recommend them. Flexibility and a professional approach.

Tomáš Betka - FORD dealership manager, Ústí nad Labem

We used the services of YOURDESIGN to help us design the layout for the reconstruction of the attic space. Given the layout of the attic (beams, chimneys), it was not easy, but the YOURDESIGN team designed suitable and usable solutions that served as a basis for the subsequent project. They accepted our ideas and welcomed their practical comments. We appreciated their professional approach resulting from many years of experience.

Nádvorníkovi - private client